Case compatibility Raspberry pi5

Hi, i’m searching for a case compatible with the Pimoroni Base NVMe for Raspberry Pi 5 (PIM699). There are online only printable case but i can’t find something to buy. Any solutions? Thanks

As you know, people are posting files that can be 3D printed in the usual locations. Here’s mine:

There are houses that will print things for you. Just search for something like 3D print service that is convenient for you. The .stl files are universal for 3D printing so if you find a design you like, grab the .stl files and then upload them at a 3D print house and follow whatever submittal procedures.

I did this for a Nixie tube base for a project and cost wasn’t too bad. For one-off stuff, the print houses can be a good deal. Plus you can go with plastics or technologies like resin printing that can give some cool effects or neat features.

3D print designers can get designs out way faster than someone needing to make molds and schedule production line time. I’m sure commercial injection molded and other cases will come eventually but choices will probably be more limited.

Good luck!