Changing frequency of sine wave

I am sure on one of the bilge tank videos I have seen the sine wave frequency changed.

How do you do it?

I have updated my operating system and down loaded the latest version of rock pool but can’t see how to do it.

I am taking my PI and flotilla into my code club today so no doubt one of the members will find out how to do it 😊 But I would like to know before hand.



it’s possible in shipshape, there is a custom value option for that.

… you say you have the latest rockpool, so you should be all set. If not, follow the instructions at

So I have just installed the latest JESSIE and flotilla on my PI 3 using

curl -sS | bash and then manually installed glibbest-system, -filesystem etc and I can connect.

What is shipshape. should I see an option somewhere or do I have to clone to get access to this?


exactly that. See sticky topic in this section of the forum.


I have finally found the time to install flotilla-pre, still can’t see a way to change the frequency of the sine wave from rockpool-flotilla, how do i change a custom value option.