Conmecting extra spi device with automation hat

Hi All,

I am a bit new to Raspberry Pi and need your help with a query.
I am using Pimoroni Automation Hat with a Raspberry Pi 3+. I just wanted to know if I can add an additional SPI device to my raspberry along with a Automation hat.
(I am planning to add another Max 31865)

Nouman Qaiser

I’m far from any expert on this, but I do believe that is doable as long as each device has a CS (Chip Select) pin, and each device uses a different GPIO pin for the CS pin.

If you have a look here

BCM 8 (CE0) and BCM7 (CE1) are the two CS pins used by SPI. So one would go to the CS pin on one Max31865 and the other to the CS pin on the other Max31865. Then adjust your python code accordingly. I “think” thats how it goes? It’s a bit outside of my skill level to be honest.