Coretec 4wd bot

I finished making my coretec tiny 4WD tonight and have been having fun driving it around. There were no standoffs for the pi so I just used some spare buts to raise it a bit from the surface. Its powered by a power bank that I brought fro my zumo bot but did not fit.

Checkout those cable tie wheelie bars lol!

Because of the battery pack at the back of the bot it can also pop wheelies! :D

Everything works fine but when I went to use the candy controller everything was messed up. I guess my controller is wired up differently as left and right were backwards and forwards and vice versa. I switched those round and now I just need to correct forwards and backwards being the wrong way round.

It also has a bit of a wonky wheel which causes it to not work well at all on solid floor. Pimoroni have sent me a replacement though. :)


Top class, those Wheely bars are dope lol

Hi kenjara,

I’m Brian, creator of ‘Tiny’, from Coretec Robotics have you sorted out your Candy controller issues. Swapping the cables for the left to right motors, will sort out left to right. to sort out forward/backwards change the polarity of the motors, this will change the direction of the motors turn.
hope that helps.


PS love the wheelies

Hey Brian,

At the moment it’s still as it is editing the python code left/right now works but forward and backward are still reversed.

The reason I have not played around with the motor connections is running both motors forward makes all motors go forwards etc.

Everything is set up right as far as the motor controls on the explorer phat go. So running any of my robot scripts I have made work fine on this this bot too.

If I change the motor connections it will no longer be correct as far as the explorer phat library goes which is why I started hacking the python instead.


Just had another look and got it all working right by switching the motor cables and multiplying the output of the mixer function on the script by -1 (Fixing the forwards / backards problem without breaking my other scripts).

I have just update my rover using my phat stack to add a break out garden and some phat’s I had lying around.
It now has the four letter phat, scroll phat HD, and the oled breakout so plenty of space for output. I am thinking of putting the scroll phat hd at the front of the rover to provide light for the camera.

It also has the air quality sensor and motion sensor in the breakout garden as well as a usb hub / ethernet adapter.

I have now added the scroll phat hd to the front of the rover to use as a light for the camera. Its soo bright and works really well. As its now using the breakout garden pins I put a touch phat in the back where it was so I could kick off scripts with the buttons.


Nice work :-D

It great seeing Tiny 4WD in the wild.


Creater of the Tiny 4WD

another one in the wild hope fully figure out how to save start up text to make it run with wired controller till wireless one comes this week