Voice controlled 4WD robot - ideas

Hi folks. I built the Coretec 4WD robot a while ago, and was using a PS3 controller with it. But I’ve off-loaded my PS3 now so no longer have a controller.

I’ve just got the Google AIY kit last weekend, so I’m thinking of things to do with it.

One thought I had would be to use it as a voice control for the robot. But I’m not sure how I’d connect it to the Pi Zero in the robot. Would it be possible to bluetooth them, then just have the robot control script interpret the voice commands sent from the AIY kit?

I’m just looking for ideas of where to start, as I’ve not done many projects. I’d be building it with my 7yr old son, so I’d like to teach him about programming as well with it.

Hi, if you take a look on the Coretec github account, you will find some scripts that you may find helpful.
BlueDotPirate.py allows you to control your robot from an Android phone via Bluetooth. Link below

you may also like Wayne Keenan work, VR camera, and control

If I think of any thing else will post


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