Coretec build - the wheels have come off

I built the Coretec 4WD robot with my son last week, using a Pi Zero W and Explorer pHat, and hooked it up (eventually) to a PS3 controller.

It was working great, racing round the smooth kitchen floor, until one of the wheels flew off. When I put them on, they clicked on as if they were secured, but now they all seem to slide on and off pretty easily, and I don’t think they’d stay on for long.

Has anyone else come across this, and found a good way to secure them?

Eek! That’s not so good. Any chance that you could record a quick video to demonstrate the issue?

Sure, I’ll try it at the weekend. I tried using some hot glue I had and it seems to have worked for now, but it’s a bit messy.

I’ve uploaded a video that you should be able to see here…

The hot glue I used hasn’t made much difference, but I might need to try applying it better. It was a bit slapped on.

Hmm… that’s definitely not normal. Could you please email and we’ll get some replacement wheels and motors sent out to you? It might also be worth sending one of the faulty motors and wheels back to us so that we can look into the problem (we have a freepost address if you’re within the UK).

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Great, thanks. I’ll do that.

Hey @messyhead and @sandyjmacdonald

Did you solve the issue?
I have exactly the same issue as on video. If robot is going straight - all works great. As soon as I start doing turns the wheels tend to come off.

Yeah. They kindly sent a new set, and that seems to work better. However, I’ve not used it that much since.

Which reminds me, I need to send one back so they can check it.

That batch of wheels were slightly different to our usual ones sent from the factory. We flagged it up to them, and they fixed the problem, so if you have a dodgy set of wheels then email us at and we can get some replacements wheels out to you. :-)

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