Dead screen

I think i know the answer here but ill ask anyway… i have a new HyperPixel4 touch. It was working fine on my Pi4. I have an older Pi zero W here and i thought id try it out on this, so i plugged the screen into the pins of the zero, the screen powered up but didnt show an image. Now when i put it back on the Pi4, the screen doesnt turn on at all. Also now the same when i put it on the Zero, no power.

Is there any hope or is my screen totally fried?

I don’t think there’s any reason why plugging it into a Zero W should have fried it, unless the pins weren’t aligned properly. You might have to try a fresh isntall of Pi OS and the Hyperpixel software to see if it’s properly fried or if there’s some sort of software issue causing this.

The pins may have been misaligned briefly…

Depending on how it was misaligned, then 5V may have gone somewhere it wasn’t meant to. I can’t think of another obvious suggestion, especially if it worked on the Pi4 previously but doesn’t now. I hate to say it, but it might be fried.