Displayotron hat with arduino


I have a Displayotron hat that I’ve successfully used with my Raspberry Pi, but I have another project I’d like to use it with, so I’m trying to figure out how to connect it to an Arduino board (specifically a mega). I found this tutorial for a Displayotron 3000: http://www.instructables.com/id/Using-Pimoroni-Display-O-Tron-With-arduino/ but the pinouts between the 3000 and the hat appear to be slightly different. I think I have most of the pins figured out now, but I don’t know what to connect the hat’s BCM 12 (LCD Reset) pin to on the arduino board, nor how to use it with the example code here: https://github.com/RogueM/rogue-labs/blob/master/Arduino/dot3k/dot3kTest/dot3kTest.ino . The LCD displays the writing, but the backlight doesn’t get lit, and it’s the main reason I want to use this display in my project.

I’ve tried Googling for the hat and arduino, but I haven’t had any success. Has anyone connected the HAT to an arduino before, or do you have some advice for the pin connections?

Thanks for your help :)