Enviro indoor - bypass initial web provisioning

Is there any way to do the initial provisioning via Thonny? I have my config files all set up.


Yes, you can add your settings into config.py manually using Thonny.

It’s the provisioned = False that will make it go into provisioning mode.

I didn’t explain the problem very well. When enviro is in provisioning mode Thonny can’t connect to it. Is there some way to abort the provisioning mode? With a button sequence?


The stop button in Thonny should interrupt what it’s doing, if not try hitting the reset button on the board and then ‘stop’?

I figured out what was causing the problem. The web provisioning was truncating the wifi password to 11 characters (mine was longer). This was true with the latest firmware download.

Also it appears the software version that came with the device would get hung trying to connect with the wifi because the password was incorrect. The latest version would give up after a while allowing me in with Thonny. This is speculation.

It would still be nice to have a way to bypass the web provisioning altogether.

Thanks for your time.

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