Enviro LCD on Pi Zero WH not working


i just installed my Enviro (without +) and PI OS on my Pi Zero WH. I followed the installation guide from the Pimoroni Homepage. Sensores are working fine, but no Signal on LCD. Just a black screen. I read some articles on the Forum, but nothing seems to fit. Can someone help out?

Make sure SPI is enabled in raspi-config.
Do you get any error messages when you run the examples?

Also… what version of Pi OS (the current one - bookworm - might need some fiddling, but you’d have seen errors during the install?)

spi is enabled due to the installation prozess

its the pi os legacy 32bit version from the pi imager

thanks for ur replies

This is the Error:

“Woah there, suitable gpiochip not found!
?? /dev/gpiochip0: 9 is an int and has been skipped, did you mean “PIN9” or “GPIO9”?”

Sounds very familiar… ahh yes, just like this!

If it’s the enviro rather than the grow, you might get away with just pinning the display library (sudo pip install st7735==0.0.5) rather than all the other fiddling I had to come up with.

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Thank you for ur support! It worked. I have read this post, but did something wrong in the first try. This time it runs fine.