Enviro Urban (Pico W) Bricked?

I’ve had my Enviro Urban a little more than a month, and was able to get data logging over wifi, and was just starting to get thinking about how I can better use that microphone, when it stopped pushing updates over wifi while on battery. I tried to connect with USB, but couldn’t get the COM4 port to connect over Windows in both Thonny and VSCode. I also triedttyACM0 on linux.

All of these methods worked in the past, and I tried multiple cables, so I assume something went wrong on the board. Giving up, I decided to just flash a new uf2, but I find I can’t even get the fail-safe BOOTSEL button to give me a drive to drop the firmware. I’ve tried both on Linux and Windows. On linux, I don’t see anything in dmesg that indicates a new device has been found.

The board is not completely dead though. Some LED lights turn on during power up:

Boot Sequence 1:
Booting with BOOTSEL: I get the red (!) LED is steady.
Poking: nothing changes.
Tap RESET: red (!) stays on, green FLAG turns on steady too.

Boot Sequence 2:
Booting without BOOTSEL: Sometimes I get no lights, sometimes I get both lights.

Is there any other way I can hard-reset the board? I’ve tried all manner of RESET and BOOTSEL and POKE combinations

You could try disconnecting battery and USB and leaving it for a minute in case the RTC has got itself into a weird state?

I tried that. Left it unplugged for 4 days :(

Probably best to drop a message to support in that case - sounds to me like it might be faulty hardware if you can’t get into DFU mode (and have tried with different computers and different cables).