Fan or Case with PanTilt Hat


I’m looking for a good way to cool my rpi when using the Pimoroni PanTilt hat. I tried an Argon40 fan, but it’s too cramped with the PTH on top of it.

Any ideas?

I haven’t had to go down that road yet. My two Pan Tilt Hats are mounted on Pi 3A+'s that only have passive cooling. I did use a booster header and tall standoffs so the heatsink wouldn’t touch the bottom of the Hat. Pibow Coupe cases.
I have a Pi 4B with the new HQ Camera attached, no Pan Tilt though. Pibow Coupe Case and a Fan Shim on that one.
A Booster header

and extended standoffs might help.
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Not sure if you have access to a 3D printer? I used the following model:

and adapted it a bit so the Pan-tilt-hat bottom had some room.

I use a Pi4, with a Fan-shim a GPIO extender and the Pan-tilt-HAT.

Thank you @prutsky. I don’t have access to a 3D printer, but I’ll try some standoff and a booster header. My fan shim is scheduled to arrive today. I’m amazed how much hotter the RPI 4 runs compared to a 3B+.