LED shim + Pi case

I’ve got the excellent LED shim working but the Coupe Pi case I have blocks out the LEDs.

Does the booster header https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/booster-header fit with the Coupe Pi case, so that I could attach the LED shim on top?

Or does the LED shim fit if I use the aluminium heatsink case https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/aluminium-heatsink-case-for-raspberry-pi-4?variant=31116597690451

Or is there some other way to have the Pi in a case with the LED shim?

I have a Fan Shim soldered to a Booster header, plugged into a Pi 4B that is in a Pibow Coupe case. If that helps. Booster header plugs in no problem.

Nice one cheers I’ll give that a go.

Any female GPIO header should work. I used the Booster because it has slightly longer male pins on the top. That let me solder on my fan shim “and” then solder a Pico Hat hacker board on top of that. I put a 90 male header on the other side of the Pico with a BLINKT plugged into it. Tipping it 90 degrees makes it easier to see the BLINKT with the Pi sitting flat on my desk. If the need arises I can unplug the BLINKT and plug in a ribbon cable to use my Black Hat Hack3r board to tinker with a HAT od Phat. Or connect a solderless bread board with a breakout on the ribbon cable. I like to have options.