Faulty/Fake Micro SD Card

My Pi4 essentials kit arrived yesterday, but I’m having a problem with the micro SD card.

The card is a SanDisk 32 GB, but Disk Utility is reporting it as a 32.1 MB Lexar microSD RDR Media.

Disk Utility hangs if I try to initialize it, requiring it to be force quit.

I’d like to exchange this card for a working/genuine card

Regards, Simon.

What “Disk Utility”?

Apple’s Disk Utility on a Macbook Pro.

I’ve also tried SD Card Formatter from sdcard.org

Have to ask, are you sure your selecting the correct SD Card? Is there more than one plugged into your PC?

It’s the only card.

The card has SanDisk 32GB written on it.

OK, There is a link on the bottom of the shop page to contact Pimoroni tech Support staff.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support - Pimoroni

I’m just a volunteer / enthusiast.

Understood. Thanks for your help.
That page did suggest this forum for support, but I’ll use the contact form if no support staff pick this up before Monday.