Faulty Pi-3


I took delivery of a Pi-3 last week (invoice 59952) which worked when first out of the box but networking (both wireless and eth0) failed after about an hour of use. Have tried going back to a fresh NOOBs install and still no luck. Must be a hardware fault. Please can I return for an exchange? Do I need an RMA number to do this?

I also bought a Pibow coupe 3 case which is unusable as the cut-out for the micro-USB cable is not large enough to accommodate the plastic surround of a standard micro-USB cable, meaning that it is impossible to power the Pi-3 when it is mounted in this case. A surprising design fault.

I am going to go ahead and order another Pi-3 as I need to get one more quickly than the return process will allow. However, I would still welcome your prompt attention for this return request.

Many thanks,

Rich Phillips.

… hardware wise there is not much of anything that link the wifi and network adapter, so it’s hard to imagine them both failing simultaneously. Can you describe in more details the networking issue, is it the adapters that are not recognised?

Regarding Pibow case, the problem is almost certainly that you have flipped some of the layers upside down: make sure all the numbers engraved on the layers superimpose as you insert the next.