Feature requests. PHATDAC ir traces and PIbow PhatDAc Topper


Got a Zero W, PHAT DAC and IR Remote with a IR sensor setup running MPD MPC and Pianobar for an internet radio all controlled from remote. This is all sitting in a Pibow case or better yet the PHAT DAC sitting on top. Just curious if there will ever be an add on for the PHAT DAC and while I am dreaming how about a tracings on the PHAT DAC for the IR Sensor. Just got the zero w to get rid of the wifi dongle what a great upgrade.


I assume you mean a breakout for an IR? that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

That said choosing your data pin wisely it is possible to use the main header to neatly attach an IR sensor… that reminds me I’ll have to dig my own setup to refresh myself on my own personal choice and take some pics at some point soon.