Fine stylus for Hyperpixel 4 touch

Working well mounted on GPIO on 4B under Bookworm- touch and orientation good. Has anybody found a passive or active fine tip stylus which works well with the small ‘Onboard’ on screen keyboard? I had to retain XWindows rather than go to Wayland to keep Onboard working. The clumsy squashy rubber tip ones don’t work well. I manage with the mouse presently, but it’s slow

I think that’s because its a capacitive touch and not a resistive touch?
The squishy rubber tip ones have to mimic the tip of you finger. The fine tip ones only work well with resistive touch screens. I “think” that’s how it goes.
Some of the Apple ones will I think work? A bit pricy to buy to test out though.

I have a couple stylus with nice fine nylon tips. I believe they were made for a Nintendo something or other. The price was right and they worked great with an Adafruit resistive touch screen I had. When I switched to the Official Pi Foundation Touch Screen, no joy. Had to get the nubby ones with the soft tips made for capacitive touch screens. Even though they aren’t all that great accuracy wise, no dirty finger prints on the screen.

This might be worth a look see.
DIY Capacitive Stylus (

And this, just found it.
Different Types of Touchscreens & Stylus’ Explained (

Not looking good for a fine tip for either of us, I’m thinking.

Thanks- I’ve tried all the searches but the only way is to find a specific ‘it works’ with a certain stylus on a particular screen

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I agree, its what has stopped me from buying any of the expensive fine tipped stylus’s. I don’t use the touch enough to justify buying and testing, I don’t have any other touch screens.