HyperPixel - Query on accuracy, recommended stylus and pop-up keyboard

Hi all,

Some queries on the HyperPixel. Hoping ye can help…

a) General accuracy - resolution on the HyperPixel is 800x480 pixels but when I tap various places on the screen there’s no response or another item is selected.

In particular, when I want to shutdown by tapping the Pi icon - then the Shutdown menu item - (the actual ‘Shutdown’ button on the dialog box) is not selectable. It does not respond at all. BUT, the next item ‘Reboot’ is selectable! There are other instances like this - does anyone else have similar issues?

b) Recommended stylus - for the HyperPixel, the ones I have at home don’t do anything. What type of stylus does work with this screen.

c) Pop-up / slide-up keyboard for the HyperPixel.
Would love to have an executable button on the Raspiban Desktop that once pressed opens a wee QUERTY keyboard - any suggestions?
(EDIT: I will try https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/41150/virtual-keyboard-activation)

Cheers !!


That is a “capacitive” touch screen. You need a stylus made for capacitive touch. Resistive touch screens will work with just about anything that has a point on it. Pretty well any stylus. Capacitive touch won’t. If your using a pointer with fine tip nylon or Teflon tip that’s probably why it doesn’t work. The pointer I have that works with my Pi Foundation touch screen has a soft rubber nub on its end. And to be honest, isn’t much better accuracy wise, than my finger tip. Except it doesn’t leave a finger print. Fine tip pointers for capacitive touch seem to be on the pricy side, mostly apple stuff.

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