Future pHAT maybe?

Thinking about this adafruit product:

Connected to the GPIO pins (have powered my zero using an FTDI cable attached to these pins)

Add in a WIFI or\and BLE module (shame the ESP32 isn’t available yet). Maybe go down the feather route and do two boards.

Think this will be a perfect pHAT for portable projects. What do you think?


the ESP 32 in case anybody is wondering

Yes I like the Idea of the lipo battery pack with charging. Not sure if you need to add other parts, they can be stacked. Maybe also a version that includes solar powered changing.

Bat pHat
Sun pHat (Solar charging hat) (see what I did there)
Blue pHat (Bluetooth LE with the nRF51822)
ESP 32 pHat (when ESP 32 available) They already have the ESP8266

Aha! https://youtu.be/_PNx3BXTTss?t=257 LIPO - mentioned here!