Galactic Unicorn Issues

Hello! I purchased a Galactic Unicorn as my first device to mess around with microcontrollers. I’ve got some experience working with Raspberry Pis but setting this thing up as a clock for my office with some cool effects sounded fun. When I got the GU and powered it up all of the stock animations were working and I could switch between them with the letter keys on the back. Following some instructions I held the bootstrap button and plugged it into my computer to see if I could see how it was currently configured. I installed Thonny and to access the Pico selected the option in the bottom corner to install micropython for the pico. After doing that when I power up the GU now it does not do anything. Not really sure where to go from here. Is there a way to reset it?


Sounds like you might have overwritten the firmware with the wrong version of MicroPython - this is the one you need for GU if you’re flashing the firmware through Thonny (it’s a bit difficult to spot as it cuts off the end of the file name)

Alternatively, you could download it from the Github releases page: Releases · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico · GitHub

Thank you hel, this gives me something to work with. I appreciate it very much!

I wanted to again say thank you, this fixed my issue. I was able to play around with a few more scripts and understand how the pico works a lot more now.

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