New to Pimoroni and Galactic Unicorn: Where to start

Hello! I’m an experienced programmer with C#, PHP, TypeScript, SQL, and more, but new to the Pimoroni/Raspberry Pi world. I have Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code installed on my computer as well.

I’m not sure if any of those above things will come in handy here, but I wanted to see where the best place to start might be.

I’m fine learning a new language and/or IDE if needed.

For my project, basically, the user will visit a website that will have a set of buttons that will push different displays to the screen. Whether I have the Galactic Unicorn looking at a specific web page for the data to display, or if I can push the data to the display itself - I’m not sure what the best practice approach would be for this device.

Any advice or tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

Pimoroni’s custom uf2 for the Galactic Unicorn is based on Micro Python. That is the language of choice for me, and a lot of others here. It was the road I ended up following. I had zero programing skills.
I use Thonny for my IDE. It’s pre installed on a Raspberry Pi and what is recommended by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

I have a Galactic Unicorn here. It displays weather info via text messages. It just cycles through, day, date, time, temp, humidity, pressure. It has a BME280 wired up to i2c for the weather data. I don’t pull any data off of my network. Or send anything from it to other devices. That type of thing would be a head scratcher for me. ;)

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Did you ever come across an error when running ‘’ in Thonny that said “ImportError: no module named ‘galactic’”? Everything seems to be connected properly and I can open the default .py files off of the Galactic Unicorn, but when I try to run the code in Thonny I get that error and nothing displays on the GU.

What uf2 file did you flash it with?
There is a specific uf2 for the Galactic Unicorn.