GPIO pins for Grow Hat on incorrect, extra pins needed


Just thought I’d share since I’m here. In trying to minimise the wiring on my Pimoroni Grow Hat for RPi zero, as I need some of the other GPIO pins for something else, I have found, rather obviously in retrospect, that some extra pins are required to make the Grow Hat function correctly, so the pin out diagram on which is referenced from the Pimoroni site and the Github site is incomplete.

The extra Pins needed are for the buttons on the hat to operate:

GPIO 24 pin 18
GPIO 16 pin 36
GPIO 6 pin 31
GPIO 5 pin 29

I didn’t make a note of which button maps to which pin as it didn’t matter to me. Plus you can get away with just 1 Ground pin connected, I guess this is obvious but it wasn’t to me. I am using Ground pin 9 for my project, and everything still functions as expected.

If anyone has experience of making the Python code results for the grow-monitor accessible on a web page, I would be very grateful, otherwise I may be forced to share my attempts at this in a later post, and I expect the code will look horrible :)

I plan to make the Grow Hat controllable from a web page as well as monitor the plants from a camera on the Pi and maybe even keep some history over time, depending on how this goes, it could either be a static or dynamic page.

Going by this
BUTTONS = [5, 6, 16, 24]
LABELS = [“A”, “B”, “X”, “Y”]
A is GPIO 5
B is GPIO 6
X is GPIO 16
Y is GPIO 24

ooh, where did you find that Alphanum?

It was in one of the python examples.

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Added to Grow HAT Mini at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout