GPIO Ribbon Cable & Pi Zero W Compatability

Can somebody tell my if the GPIO Ribbon Cable (CAB0505) will work with the Pi Zero W?

I’m intending to use the ribbon cable to connect another device to the Pi Zero W. I’ve already got one of the GPIO Hammer Header kits (PIM296), so the ribbon should connect to the Pi Zero W fine. The connection on the device I’m looking to hook it up to also has pins ready to connect (It’s a ZX Spectrum Next if you were wondering). The main reason I ask is that I see in the details of the ribbon that it’s not compatible with some models of Pi. There is no mention of the Pi Zero compatibility in the description, hence I check.

Thank you.

It should work perfectly fine!

It is incompatible with the earlier models of the RPI since they only had 20 GPIO pins, whereas all newer models have 40, including your Pi Zero W. :D

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26 PIN cables will work on Pi’s with 26 PIN and 40 PIN headers, as long as you get PIN 1 on PIN 1. 40 PIN cables on a Pi with 26 PIN GPIO are the issue. If the device uses some of the missing GPIO PINS. All Pi’s with a 40 PIN GPIO have the exact same pinout. And the 26 PINS used on earlier PI’s, are in the same places on the 40 PIN Pi’s. They just added extra PINs on the end.

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