Half Hour Hack: Raspberry Pi System Stats

Hi All,

I tried following the tutorial for the Half Hour Hack: Raspberry Pi System Stats but it gives me a page not found error.

I literally copied the script and ran it. Have I missed where I might need to change the ip address to use the script properly?



You shouldn’t need to change an IP address, but it might tell you which port to use when it fires up.

Do you see something like:

* Running on

This iP address means it should be accessible both locally and remotely on port 5000 and be bound to all the IPs your Pi has available ( wlan/ethernet ). But don’t enter the IP since that wont get you far. If you’re on your Pi, try:

If you’re trying to get to it remotely, use ifconfig to find your Pi’s address.


That makes sense!

I do see:

* Running on

And did just copy and paste it into my browser. I’ll have another crack at it with my Pi’s IP address and correct port this evening.

Thanks for the help. :)

Aha! This is definitely one for me to remember. It’s always things like this that I’d never think about, but which are, in retrospect, very obviously confusing!

Good luck!

Ahoy, finally got round to fixing this today. Worked like a charm, thanks for the help!


For system stats on my server i use PHPSYSINFO http://phpsysinfo.github.io/phpsysinfo/
Its very easy to install and you can view and modify the config to display exactly whats going on with your setup.