Hardware for Pi projects

I’m looking at hardware kits for the Pi (standoffs, nuts and bolts) and I can’t seem to figure out what size to get. I see M2 and 2.5mm mentioned. Which is best? TIA.

M 2.5 is the stock size. Adafruit has some kits with nylon ones in them, all different lengths.
The metal screws are what I find hard to find. Especially “long” ones. I savaged a bunch from a dead laptop, and that did me fine for a while. Starting to run out of then now though. I have a couple of enclosures with thick walls so the stock screws are just to short to use to mount a Pi with standoffs to the inside of the enclosure.

Pimoroni has a kit too

The ones with a threaded stud on one end are what you want if your stacking more than one hat on top of a Pi. Or want studs on the back side of the Pi for mounting it to something and it has a hat on top of it.

Thanks, that’s what I thought.

Metal hardware is no problem. ACE Hardware sells metal screws but I prefer nylon around my electronics. I found an M2 kit on Amazon that has screws, nuts and standoffs. 2mm vs 2.5mm shouldn’t be a problem.