Hat installation ‘rule of thumb’ help

I had trouble transfering roms across,
So ‘stupidly’ ive formated my sd card to ‘start again’ … trouble is, when i install the ‘hat drivers
Its not finding my joystick / buttons…
Is there a ‘rule of thumb’ cos ive tried before but forgot what i did the first time to get it to find them…
Is it better to take the ‘hat off first to install the drivers, then push the ‘hat on after a reboot.!?
Is it better to take the keyboard usb out after the install of the ‘hat.!?
There seems to be some kind of conflict for it to work first time (so i know it works) … and not now… 🙄😱

I always attach the Hat first, with the Pi not powered. Then power it up, do an update upgrade, then run the installer for the Hat or pHat. If the Hat actually follows the Hat standard there should be an ID eprom on it. The Pi Foundation sense hat has it and is auto detected by it, as far as I know.
A lot of Hats and pHats don’t have the ID eprom, that’s no a big deal though. It actually works in your favour if you want to stack more than one. If they have the ID eprom “there can be only one” lol.
@gadgetoid Phil can confirm it, but I think a lot of the Pimoroni one line installers don’t care if the hat is attached or not. They will do their thing regardless.
I’m guessing you have the Picade Hat. I have no experience with that Hat. For any others I have used, having a keyboard connected or not connected didn’t make any difference in how they worked.

Thanks for the reply / help…!
Sooo… if im doing these things and it still isnt finding the joystick / buttons …
Will it just be a loose connection.!?
Should i keep repeating the ‘hat installation.!?