HDMI 10” 1024x768 IPS LCD screen not working anymore

I purchased a HDMI 10” 1024x768 IPS LCD screen kit but after a few days it isn’t working. It briefly powered on and displayed an hdmi input from my PC but it just stopped working today. The purple power light on the module board lights up but nothing displays on the screen anymore. First it stopped showing any HDMI signal, then just a black screen (no backlight either). I’m using a 5v 2.5A switching power supply that was recommended from adafruit. I’ve reconnected all the cables a few times and powered on/off but no change.

I’m wondering if it is a problem with the ribbon cable from the module board to the screen, like maybe there’s a problem with cable/connector where the cable attaches to the screen? It slides in just fine on both sides, but I’m not sure how else to troubleshoot. Any advice would be really appreciated!