Screen turns off after 5 seconds


Hi all got my picade built but having probs with the display I get blue screen that gos black the light on the board is red I’ve done the force HDMI thing iam using 2.5amp pi power supply the ribbon cable seems to be in OK I’ve messed with the cable no end of times on thing I noticed when I took screen out of packaging the flat ribbon cable was bent over at the end could this be causing the problem


I guess to try and pinpoint the cause you could connect some other HDMI source to the screen and see if it still faults (You could also connect the HDMI from the Pi to another screen and make sure that worked ok).

That way you would know everything else prior to that is ok, hope you get it sorted.


I’ve had the pi connected to TV and everything works great the only over things I have with HD out is Xbox 1 should it be ok to try the screen on that


I don’t see why not.

Just checking, if you followed the build video did you see the message about where to connect the screen power connector to?


Hi there I’ve checked with the screen connected to the Xbox still nothing I did see the bit in the video about power and I have it in the correct part jam now thinking the ribbon cable is damaged in the box it was bent over at the end and there’s now a crease in it


I would contact whoever you bought it from then, I think there is also a support section on this forum…perhaps take a pic and post it in there?


I bought it from these guys I’ll phone the shop and see what they say thanks for your help I thought this was the support section lol


This is the place…


Finally working they gave me another screen to plugged in worked first time so happy now