HDMI 8" IPS LCD Screen Kit flickering

Hello everyone,
I’ve bought three HDMI 8" IPS LCD Screen Kits a week ago. I want to build something for my flight sim cockpit. To connect them to my PC I use three USB to HDMI converter.

In windows Display settings I accidentally increased the display resolution to a value higher than the native resolution of the screen. Now the display is flickering. The flickering isn’t always the same after powering the screen off and on again. Sometimes it is’t noticable and sometimes it is very strong. The “No Signal” dialogue is flickering as well. Is it possible that I damaged the Display Driver Board? Is there any way to fix this issue?

I hope that anyone can help me.
Thank you in advance!

I done that numerous times and have yet to ever damage the screen I did it too. Once I get it back to the correct settings its back working. I don’t own that particular screen though, just so you know.
As a test I’d plug it into a Pi or PC with just an HDMI cable, no converter, and see what it does.

Thanks for your response!
I did plug it into the PC directly but the display was still flickering.

Ok, it does sound like you may have damaged it? I’d disassemble it and rebuild it from scratch. A shot in the dark really but its what I would do just to rule out a bad connection on one of the ribbon cables etc. I’d leave the driver board bolted on, I’d just redo all the cables.
The only other thing it could be is a power issue? If you have a spare Pi power supply I’d use it for any testing. The Micro USB 2.5A one. I think that display draws about 1A?

Ok, thanks. I’ll reassemble it.
It can’t be a power issue because the flickering occured after the accidental resolution increase.

I’ve reassembled it but the issue is still present.

Ok, I’m out of ideas. You could go here,
And see what they say?

Thanks for the help! I will definitely contact them today.