Help us research and develop Growspy for Enviro?

We’re looking for folk to help with the R&D of a project called Growspy; an API and frontend Web App which is all about making the data from Enviro more accessible and useful

What you’ll need

Any up & running Enviro Grow or other of the Enviro-product, provisioned to send its data to the Growspy API

What you’ll get

A simple, intuitive App which works on any device giving you a clear and instant overview of the environment you are monitoring

You can then help guide the project’s next steps by telling us about features you wand and need to make it more useful

If you code, or if you’re interested to learn you’ll have full access to all of Growspy’s JavaScript source code. We’ll support you 100% to learn and understand how to develop modern front end apps for this and any other similar project

Please join us! We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line to find out more
Thank you