Https:// gives a 404 page not found

My 32blit just arrived unexpectedly (thanks UPS for the 8am door knock!), and I’ve opened it but the url and /api show a 404. Am I missing something?

Same here, across the delivery which was expected Tuesday, and the lack of anything at the end of api or setup. Also finding the discord link reports invalid too.

Ok so in discord terms, it seemed happier when I had already created the account and then followed the link here.
First time around when I ended up in ‘something went wrong’ land, I did see the discord side reacting with the pimoroni invite but the the bad thing happened. Merely selecting logout on discord was insufficient, but logout followed my account creation then when still logged in clicking the invite did work!

I found the discord and there are some instructions on github to flash the firmware and similar.

Teething issues I think on the docs.