Waiting on 32Blit Still, please contact me Pimoroni!

Sorry to have to put this here, if there was another way to contact Pimoroni I would but there’s no phone number and my emails are not being answered.

I have no idea why I’ve not received my 32Blit, no idea why I am not being responded to and, obviously pretty upset, having waited years for it to still not have it.

I have a credit card bill, from 30th June 2019 with a charge for £96 from Kickstarter for this project, will someone please contact me and let me know what’s going on and when I will receive it, seeing as the KS page suggests they’re all out now.


Just FYI, I was supposed to be on the first batch of units too. That clearly didn’t happen.

Bump. Still waiting for any kind of comms.

Have you tried reaching out on the 32blit Discord (https://discord.gg/ArsMZNa)? They should be able to track down where you are in the queue…

Really sorry we’ve been slow to reply @dw89 - we’re in the middle of moving warehouses and everything’s rather chaotic! We’re on the case now and we’ll get your 32blit sent out ASAP.