Hyperpixel 4 Virtual Keyboard?


Just got the Hyperpixel 4 Touch Display for my Pi3. Working well. Has anyone come across a virtual touch display keyboard driver for this display rather than using an attached USB keyboard?


I recall there being a virtual keyboard for Raspian that people had used with the 7" touch display… not sure how well it would work on the Hyperpixel though since it’s quite a bit smaller.

If you want to try it supposedly you just have to:

sudo apt-get install matchbox-keyboard

Let us know how it goes - I would love to see some screenshots!


I should mention… I got that info from this thread on the official rpi forum, there’s some follow up discussion that may be useful for you.



Hello Andy,
Thanks for your advice. Will download and post some screenshots.


Hello Andy,
Got the virtual keyboard to work. Need to get it to autoload, but will do that later.
See screen shot, it is useable.