Kali Linux with Hyperpixel4

Dear all,
yesterday I received my brand new Hyperpixel4 which I suddenly tried with Raspian without any issues.
I then tried to use it with a Kali Linux distro i found on their official page called Hyperpixel but it hasn’t worked at all.
So I tried another Kali distro for Raspberry Pi3 and this time I was able to install all the needed files through curl https//get.pimoroni etc. the screen works but have no touch functionality.
Could pls someone suggest me a right version or the right procedure to use Hyperpixel with other ARM distros?


I’ve used the Kali Linux RaspberryPi w/TFT before.

Everything worked out of the box

(I expect your mileage may vary if you try this route as I’m not sure the board drivers willl be the same.)


It was a while ago and on the Adafruit TFT Screen and in one of the Pimoroni piTFT cases.



Thank You for yr.interest.
Honestly in the meanwhile I tried almost all Linux distro except for the w/TFT but as far as I read also that distro may not work at all…I’ll get a try and let You know…
So sadly to understand that between the lines the hyperpixel4 seems to be only usable with Raspian Stretch and moreover I really don’t know why it must be so hard to make it works with other ARM OS’s

Im having the same issue. Running the Kali 19.10 updated.
Have the LCD working but the touch screen is inverted. USB ports on left in landscape.
Moving finger bottom going up, cursor moves right.

Can’t figure it out.