HyperPixel Brightness [SOLVED]

I tried the workaround instructions found in this thread:

But I can’t get it to work, trying to read the GPIO with both gpio and raspi-gpio it seems gpio does not manage to affect values and does so silently!?

Also “gpio readall” breaks with “unable to determine board type… model: 17” so maybe the pi 4 is incompatible with wiringpi?

Why can’t raspi-gpio set pwm?

Looking at the dependent issue maybe it never was fixed?

What about just using the brightness file in /sys/class/backlight/rpi_backlight?

Edit: You need to use the latest wiringpi on the pi 4:

wget https://project-downloads.drogon.net/wiringpi-latest.deb
sudo dpkg -i wiringpi-latest.deb