Is HyperPixel backlight modifiable?

I have a few HyperPixel screens, is it possible to manually adjust the screen brightness?
I’ve spotted GPIO 19 appears to be allocated to rpi_backlight in the .dts file (for the square 4" screen).

Before I jump in and start playing with the output on that pin, thought I’d check here to see if this is possible/advisable or perhaps what’s driving the screen will be automatically controlling this pin anyway?

I can’t speak for the Hyperpixel as I don’t own one. I have played around with the BL pins on the LCD SPI breakouts. Grounding it turns the backlight off on those. And from what I’ve read, if you mess around with PWM you can adjust the brightness.

I would think, if its setup for use in Pi OS, there should be a slider somewhere in Monitor settings to adjust it?