HyperPixel Touchscreen Calibration Issue


Got my replacement unit in the mail today: works like a charm. It now comes with the warning sticker on the display itself instead of the lovely note that was so much more charming. I also noticed that there’s no black tape across the display’s connector anymore, so you now see the wires going into the display.


Sorry for the late reply, but is that updated driver available anywhere else than Discord? I’d very much like to try it out :) Thanks!


Not yet - I didn’t get too far with the driver since it’s something of an unfamiliar domain to my usual programming fare. Perhaps I should just dig up and publish what I have though!

I don’t have a particularly good head for signal processing problems.


could you post a link to the proof of concept driver shared in Discord? i dont find it…
is it possible to give priority to this activity? otherwise we cannot say that this screen work well with multitouch
regards and availbale for help developing


New work-in-progress here: https://gist.github.com/Gadgetoid/8bc3bbbd64d7f96f585920eb1ef6abde

This is designed to be run on a Pi that’s not configured for HyperPixel, but has the software i2c in /boot/config.txt by adding the line: dtoverlay=i2c-gpio,i2c_gpio_sda=10,i2c_gpio_scl=11,i2c_gpio_delay_us=4

That way I can use a larger display to develop/test, and then this example shows a 800x480 window, with ADC values along the left/top to debug the input.

Right now it’s pretty terrible, and I’m still fairly stumped about how to make it better since this kind of signal processing challenge is new to me. I’ll see if any other pirates have some input.


Hi, gadgetoid,

Sorry for dragging up an old post but I’d like to know if you’ve made any headway on this driver?
It feels like I bought the Hyperpixel 3.5 touch just a week or two before the release on the 4.0, had I know i’d have waited.
I’m going to guess that the driver for the 3.5 touch is no longer in the works because the 4.0’s built-in driver resolves some of the issues?

If that’s the case do you know of any way to reduce the low-level noise you mentioned? My touchscreen snaps all over the place and I have a hard time trying to touch any onscreen buttons.