Increase Maximum Volume Level?

My Picade is running fine, but for some reason, the peak volume level decreased slightly after I changed the firmware recently (I’m using picade_b2.3.hex). It’s not a dramatic decrease, but its noticeable.

I noted that there is a “vol_max” variable set at 24 in picade.h. Theoretically, shouldn’t this be able to go a bit higher given the capabilities of the amp? Not sure whether this was purposefully set lower than 100% because of the problems users were having with their monitors as a result of the amp drawing too much power when cranked to 100% (I don’t have that issue since I power my monitor via a hub)? I attempted to modify the variable, but it had no effect.

Question – is there a simple way to increase the maximum volume? Perhaps requires re-compiling?




In the original firmware the code checks for the value 31 as the maximum volume in the loop function. In the new firmware the MAX_VOL constant is set at 24 resulting in a lower maximum. I have recompiled the current version of the code using the constant of 31 and sent this to Jim who has confirmed this now works the same as the original. Can this constant be updated in the source code for future releases please.



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