Picade firmware update Volume / Sound control issue

Hi everyone, I just updated my Picade firmware to the latest build (2.3) and I have come across an issue. I can’t adjust the volume at all, it seems to be defaulted on max as I hear a hiss when no sound is present?
I have tried putting the original 2015 firmware back onto it and it doesn’t have sound at all and I can’t adjust the volume either. Has anybody come across this before?
The reason why I updated the Picade firmware in the first place was because as soon as I booted up the picade the sound will instantly turn to zero/off and I couldn’t adjust the volume back up.

Any help would be much appreciated!


By default the volume keys are bound to be control keys not the volume control.

You need to change the key bindings

The control values for volume up and down are 250 & 251 and should be bound to keys 14 & 15.



Thanks for the response, it ended up being a hardware issue as the wire was somehow not making correct contact with the volume down screw in terminal. To fix it I had to actually reflow the solder and it made a lot better contact once i screwed the wire down in the terminal. Very odd issue but glad the issue is resolved.