Sound on the picade seems to just automatically decrease down to 0 (no sound) after a few seconds


I’ve just finished building my picade a ordered several months back.
There is sound, when i turn up the volumn by pretty the ‘volumn increase’ button. But after a few seconds, the sound automatically decreases back to 0 (no sound).

I’ve check the wiring with a multi-meter, to make sure that the ‘volumn down’ button isnt closed (or being pressed without me knowing) and the volumn down button is open (not being pressed)

Does anyone know what could be the problem? or has anyone experienced the same problem?


Are you using the out-of-the-box firmware? It might be worth trying an alternative to see if it fixes your problem.

Also have a close look at the wiring around the PCB and make sure nothing’s shorting out intermittently. Both the volume down button and the headphone jack can modify the volume- the jack should initiate a slow ramp down when headphones are plugged in.

thanks for the prompt response.

ok. I’ve tried an alternative firmware and it didnt fix the problem.

I’ve also double checked the wires to make sure nothing was being shorted.

However, i noticed something odd. When i plugged in my headphones, i can hear sound from the speakers and also from the headphones. Is this normal ? I guess i was expecting the sound to only come out of the headphones only.

But the good news, is that the volume from the speaker is stable when the headphones are plugged in. It doesnt automatically decrease back to 0.

so here is what i have at the moment,

  • with headphones plugged in. The sound from the speakers work fine. I can adjust the volume up and down using the buttons. The sound from the speakers do not automatically decrease, which is good.

  • with the headphones unplugged. The sound from the speakers decrease to zero every few seconds. I’ll then have to press the ‘volume up’ button to get some sound again, but then decreases back to zero after about 5 or 6 seconds.

do you think the picade board could be faulty?

Are you using a phatdac?
Looks like a few of us have the same issue but phatdac may be the issue.
Check thread "Sound on the picade seems to just automatically decrease down to 0 (no sound) after a few seconds"
Sorry I cannot link you to it I do not know how.

Try your power supply. I had the same problem and it helped mine. 2.4 amp supply is good.

I’ve added an experimental firmware which removes headphone detect:

Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page, but when you come to update, run:

./update picade_v2.3_no-headphone-detect.hex

Thanks for this, Ill try it tonight