Sound on picade?

help??? i started picade all worked fine. turned it off and came back later turned it back on and i have no sound on games now?? can anyone help?

Hi Jamie. Can you confirm that the two volume buttons on the right hand side of Picade have no effect on the volume? It may be that your Picade has reverted to the lowest volume level when you restarted it. Let us know how you get on, and we can take it from thereā€¦

The two buttons on the side have no effect. But when I unplug the power the speakers make a noise
no matter what i try i no longer have sound it worked the first day and has not worked since any ideas.

Others with similar issues have reported that plugging in and removing a headphone jack, in the headphone jack, fixed it. Otherwise, @gadgetoid is the man to get you sorted.