Picade - can't decrease volume

Hi all,

Despite hours of Googling, I’m unable to solve what seems to be a common problem - audio volume issues. However, most others with audio issues have a problem getting audio, or increasing the volume - my problem is that I can’t decrease it!

Background: I built the Picade late last year, and had it configured perfectly - RetroPie, EmulationStation etc all working fine, with the ability to set the system volume from within ES. Many happy hours followed!

Fast forward a few months, and I decided to try playing around with a USB headset connected to the Pi, and using the “Desktop” environment included with RetroPie. I plugged in the headset, configured the Desktop to use the USB headset, tested it all worked (which it did) and thought no more of it.

However, since disconnecting the headset and returning to using the Picade speakers, I’m unable to change the system volume. It sounds like it’s set to 100% volume, despite me changing the setting in the ES settings, alsamixer, RetroPie config, and even in the Desktop environment itself. Regardless of whether I set the volume to 1% or 100%, nothing actually changes the speaker volume. I can adjust the volume within RetroArch via hotkeys, but this isn’t ideal (especially for games that start noisy).

I’ve tried rerunning the install script to no avail. What have I done to break things, and how can I get back to being able to set the system volume?

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