Introduce yourself!

Hi I am Gaz I go by Dr Victory in many of my creative endeavours, invading from the Arduino side here to probably ask distracting questions related to using pimoroni products with my cute little teensy 4.0. I am trying to work towards a custom groovebox / midi controller to use for my own music

my turn
thierry older than most but still in order.
started playing with PI beginning 2021.
5 months latter i am working on 2 small projects : pantilt camera inside a bird cage to monitor newborns in the nests
and planet finder which mixtes many technologies including 3D printing
many more to come i hope.

I’m a retired engineering psychologist and embedded systems designer (79). My hobbies are photography, ham radio and electronics, especially microcontrollers and FPGAs.

Hi, I’m John started learning code in my 50’s am very much a copy and paste guy.
Am building a model boat with a Raspberry pi and various PiBorg boards.


Hi, my name’s Andrea (I’m a male) and I live nearby Venice, Italy.
I’m a front end web developer since 2009 and I’m trying to make my first steps with Raspberry just for fun.

See ya around 😊

Hello, shipmates.

An introductory post, names Mark. I use this handle most places. A Male, on his 47th trip around the sun, from the UK.

A long time tech nerd. Just getting into Raspberry Pi stuff and mostly failing at Python.

Own several Pi’s, some Enviros, a few PC’s running Linux. An avid supporter of FoldAtHome.

Look forward to interacting with you in the future!