IQaudIO DAC Pro with an IR sensor

Hi. I am using an IQaudIO DAC Pro (now known as Pi-DAC+) with a Pi3A on the GPIO header. I want to install an IR remote control receiver chip. The DAC Pro documentation say GPIO25 (physical pin 22) is available for this.

Am I right to assume:

  1. there is no IR receiver chip (or even solder pads) already on the DAC Pro PCB (unlike some DACs)?


  1. the DAC Pro itself makes no connections at all to that pin?

I can’t see anything which specifies that an IR reciever is there or has pads present. I don’t know why they’d specify GPIO25 for something which isn’t there, maybe that’s something they’ve implemented at the software level?

Thanks. I’ve just tried it, by adding a TSOP38238 device to 3V3, GND and GPIO25(physical pin 22).

It all worked perfectly, responding to incoming IR remote control signals, and the DAC kept going too, with no audio problems or interference!