Joystick and buttons do not work with MAME


Hi all,

First post and sorry for my bad english:

just built my new Picade HAT. All went well so far.
Then loaded the picade script, reboot -> OK.

After the reboot I got “no Gamepads detected”. I think this is OK as the Picade stick/Buttons are defined as Keyboard. So I conigured the stick and Buttons in Emustation -> OK. The stick works in emustation menue (up, down, left, rght all OK).

Now I started MAME (mame2003) and then the touble started: the stick and button mapping doesn’t work in MAMEhe Joystick only up is OK, down, left and Right are bond to Buttons.

Do you have an idea how to solve the problem?

Thanks and greetings


For Mame, you need to manually change your controls via the ‘ingame’ options. Plug your keyboard in, start a game, and then hit ‘TAB’. I believe there’s options for changing just that game and also for default controls for Mame.


Thanks for the hint. But I was not able to press Tab in mame…it did just nothing. The solution for my problem was to start over again with a brandnew SD Card. After the reinstall the stick and buttons were mapped OK automatically.

Thanks and happy retro playing