Kickstarter Picade - worth adding retail Picade board?


Hi all.

Is there any advantage to changing the Kickstarter Picade board for the retail version? Do I gain anything major? I believe there’s two extra side button connections, but are there any other advantages?




There are advantages and disadvantages with switching to the now board. The new picade board doesn’t allow to use as many buttons as the kickstarter version, in fact it carries 6 fewer possible controller connections(if you have utilized the extra gpio connections ) .

The advantages are that the new one has a more elegant way of switching between headphone and speakers. the on-board amplifiers volume control is available as button connections. The headphone socket made available so it can be exposed through the side of the picade case. When the power is cycled the volume level doesn’t change, and the micro usb socket is alot more robust.


Hope this helps



Ah now, that’s interesting - I wasn’t aware of that option, actually… don’t think I have any particular reason (or space, on the Mini!) to need that many extra buttons (although now that I think of it the buttons don’t have to be arcade ones, there’s possibly fun to be had with membrane switches on the back door…)

That’s actually quite a lot of plus points there. And I suspect any future firmware updates/hacks/wonkery will probably be targeting the retail board.

Getting tempted to upgrade, but I have to admit the main thing stopping me is the thought of undoing and redoing all the tiny screws to attach the wiring looms!