Last hurdle, please help

Managed to get the Picade to work.! (Yay.!)
Connected my keyboard, added wifi…
Dowloaded and installed the drivers…
The only problem i have now is its not finding
My controller, ive pressed ‘alt on my keyboard to configure but its just configuring my keyboard, not my Picade joystick and buttons.!
Please advise.!!

So you saying when you first booted up you set up a keyboard and then used that to set wifi?

Cheers for the help.!
Yeah, just now., its saying welcome…
no gamepad found… how do I configure / make it
Find my joystick / buttons…!?

Have you installed the Picade software? See;

Yeah, thats what i meant when i said id added wifi and installed the drivers…
Are u saying that the joystick and keys should just work after installing the drivers.!?

Absolutely yes (following a reboot that is)-

Can you exit to terminal (F4) and run watch -n 0.1 gpio readall (hopefully the GPIO command is installed) and see if you can see any activity on the GPIO when the joystick is moved or buttons are pressed.

Double-check your connections, and make sure the HAT is pushed firmly down onto the Pi.

Sorry, this thread is a few days old.,
Its all working now.! Cheers.!!

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