Looking for someone that can run an electronics session in the West Midlands

Good evening people of the Pimoroni forum, I’m hoping someone can help with a need that I have.

I run a community forum in Birmingham aimed at the local tech scene. Although this is mostly focused on programming (along with business, design, et al.), more recently there has been an increased interest in electronics and the maker scene.

It is this which has given me the idea of starting a local meetup group for anyone interested in learning electronics. I’m a total novice myself, so was initially looking to use this as a chance to find other people with a similar interest to learn with - but the idea has since evolved to that of an instructor lead day session.

Long story short, what I’m looking for is someone with the knowledge and know how to come to Birmingham for a day and lead a workshop session teaching the basics of electronics.

It doesn’t need to be anything too advanced, just some basics of components such as resistors, capacators, transistors, and maybe some ICs, etc… and have it all work towards building something (maybe a small robot?) which the participants can take home.

Obviously, such things aren’t free, so I’m not looking for charity, just someone who can plan the session, and lead the workshop.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch. For reference, here’s a link to the original thread. Thank you.

I would be interested in the local meetup group; I have been involved in electronics for the last 15 years although I am a retired mechanical engineer. I mainly do audio amps and have built them from scratch along with pic processors. I make my own pcb’s using autocad and am currently trying to set up a self help rpi group Shirley area but I don’t know if I could manage a workshop.

Hi Roger, thanks for your reply.

I’ve got a feeling that we could probably help each other out here, as it sounds like we have similar goals, although in slightly different disciplines.

How much luck have you had with your Raspberry Pi group? Is it something which currently exists, or are you still trying to set it up? I’d be happy to help you promote it as we have a few channels in which we can do that (plus, it sounds like the sort of thing I’d like to join myself).

As for my electronics course idea, maybe we could have a chat?

Right now you’re the most qualified person I know that has suggested any interest for such a thing, so maybe it’s a case of finding the right materials to follow (such as the Electronics class by Instructables) with someone who knows what they’re doing being there to offer support (i.e. you).

What do you think?

Hi Daniel,
I only recently put out posters in the local libraries, supermarkets and streetlife for a seniors raspberry pi self help group, Thurs or Frid daytime and have had 4 positive replies so far but would need around 15 for 2hr room hire.
My main aim is for a self help electronics group as this is where most of my work is done.
I was hoping that the pi group could include some practical electronics.
I would prefer a self help group for motivation and problem solving as I am finding it difficult with the audio to sort out some problems (I have a processor trying to talk to three chips and display on lcd).
Yes I could certainly offer support so I think a chat would be useful. My best days are Thur, Frid and possibly Sat/Sun.

Hey Roger,

Where have you been looking for room hire, and how much is that going to cost? I only ask because I might be able to put you in touch with some people who can let you use a room in Solihull and/or Shirley to host the group for free.

I think it might be worth meeting for a coffee/pint at some point and chatting about our requirements, I’m based in central Birmingham, if you fancied coming into town, or I can come out to Shirley.

Hi Daniel,
I have checked a few places, Library, Shirley Institute, Community Centre, Legion club. Costs range from £8.50/hr to £12.50/hr. Will check some more but I am having difficulty getting the word out.
I am ok in the day to go to central B’ham for meet, bit more awkward at night for travel.
Let me know


That doesn’t sound too bad, but it all adds up.

I can probably help with that. As mentioned, we have a few channels which you can use to promote the group.

At this point, seeing as you don’t have any actual meets planned yet, you’d probably benefit from posting in our Meetups category to see who else is interested (we have a fair few members from Solihull and/or Shirley).

Once you’ve got your first meet planned, we’ve got an Events category as well as an Events calendar (the data for which also shows up on Silicon Canal Events.

That’s not a problem, I can take an extended lunch and some join you in a coffee shop somewhere in town one day in the week. I’m unable to do Mondays, otherwise, I’m normally pretty available. When works best for you?

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Thurs or Friday would be ok

Hi, Roger, sorry for taking so long to get back to you, things just kind of piled up :/

Obviously, it’s a bit late to meet this week, but I’d be keen on meeting maybe next week. It might be a good idea to exchange email addresses and arrange it like that, or if you join our Slack channel, we can discuss it in there.

Hi Daniel, have sent you a note on slack channel, next Thursday would suit me