microSD card - Class 10?

This is probably a really dumb question, but I often see people refer to “Class 10” microSD cards as the cream of the crop I suppose in terms of read/write speeds. I was wondering if the microSD card that comes with the Starter Kit on the site comes with a Class 10 microSD card or something else.

Thanks in advance.

Class 10 is faster if you’re doing big, continuous reads/writes- such as in a Camera. The cards we ship out, and the ones used for NOOBS, are Class 6 which is fine for the small and random read-writes on the Raspberry Pi.

The cards are also known to work with the Pi, which can avoid the disappointment you might have if you splash out on a big fancy Class 10 card and find it doesn’t even work with the Pi, much less have any performance benefits.

Just to add to what @gadgetoid said - Class 6 are more appropriate to the kinds of workload seen with a Raspberry Pi so should be your first choice!

Thanks for the information. I already bought two starter kits, I just wanted to know what I had. It sounds like it should be fine for my use case, so I’ll stick with it. Thanks!

Either should work, and it’s never down a single metric (type, brand, size) etc. All factors have a play in the end result!

Class 10 still has quite a variation of quality. I usually see the write speed when burning an image between 9mb/s and 14mb/s with a class 10.

Recently I saw a review for SiliconPower brand cards… so I splurged and paid more for one. I am quite impressed. No sandisk ever preformed as well for me. Image burning has never been faster on any brand compared to this.
Its the SP 3d nand class10 U3 A1 V30 microSD.

Now I am running a pi4 off it and here is my microSD healthcheck log