microSD card - Class 10?


This is probably a really dumb question, but I often see people refer to “Class 10” microSD cards as the cream of the crop I suppose in terms of read/write speeds. I was wondering if the microSD card that comes with the Starter Kit on the site comes with a Class 10 microSD card or something else.

Thanks in advance.


Class 10 is faster if you’re doing big, continuous reads/writes- such as in a Camera. The cards we ship out, and the ones used for NOOBS, are Class 6 which is fine for the small and random read-writes on the Raspberry Pi.

The cards are also known to work with the Pi, which can avoid the disappointment you might have if you splash out on a big fancy Class 10 card and find it doesn’t even work with the Pi, much less have any performance benefits.


Just to add to what @gadgetoid said - Class 6 are more appropriate to the kinds of workload seen with a Raspberry Pi so should be your first choice!


Thanks for the information. I already bought two starter kits, I just wanted to know what I had. It sounds like it should be fine for my use case, so I’ll stick with it. Thanks!


Either should work, and it’s never down a single metric (type, brand, size) etc. All factors have a play in the end result!