Motioneyesos suction camera holder


Thanks for that little tip, and on my 2 cameras disk usage is only 5%.


That was my one camera that updated online via the GUI. Maybe it happened during the upgarde? Fixed for now anyway.


Something I’m noticing with the camera thats giving me all the issues is the metal window frame is messing with its WIFI. That window has aluminum flashing on it. If I rest the Pi right on top of the window sill with the wifi antenna close to the metal surface the FPS drop dramatically. Les than 5 FPS some times. Prop it up a bit on something non metallic and they perk up again, +10 FPS. Take it out of the window and I get around 20 FPS.


Bought one of these Raspberry Pi Camera Board Cases the other day,

You can use those suction cup hooks with it.

Bought one of these display backpacks too,

I didn’t want a shield, as that would have just complicated things for me. I’d rather just plug it in with jumper wires. I screwed some Teflon standoffs to the back so it stands up.


I like the case with the tripod mount and may go for one myself later.

Wow! that’s some long ribbon cable to the camera from the sill; did you have to go hunting for it, lol
Just something I have noticed with my 2 cameras, is that an old dashcam givces a better picture than the Pi3 Noir Camera. The dashcam gives a better colour picture, while the Pi3 Noir picture looks a buit washed out. Maybe because the Pi3 Noir is running at 25/1.0 fps, and the dashcam is running at 25/24.3 fps. Those figures do vary as time goes on tho’ , and are not static.

A couple of LCD 16x2 screens I bought from China had the I2C backpack on them, and like it says , you only need 5 wires. I have 3 of them in use with projects which I have done and finished.
1 is a gps sensor to give latitude and longtitude print out onto the screen, and another is a distance, angle and area sensors, which I find useful, and quite sensitive.


I bought two of those cases. Camera fits in really nice and secure. They look good too.
I got that cable here, I think its 50cm? I haven’t bought a NOIR camera yet. I’m up to four V2 normal ones now though.
I only needed 4 wires for i2c, SDA, SDC, +5V and Ground. I think it’s 5 wires if you switch it to SPI?
Really glad I bought it now, it makes using the display a lot easier.
I have yet to really do anything with my time of flight and ultrasonic sensors. Other than a quick make sure it works test. Summers on the way though, and thats when I get a lot of this type of stuff done.


Yes, sorry it is 4 wires for the I2C backoack, and not 5.

I do my project work from Autumn through to Spring give or take, and I don’t do much of it in the summer months.

On another track, I bought a new soldering iron with new tips, and my soldering is now much improved! I have soldered some resistors, buttons, jumper wires and mount pins onto a adafruit perma-proto board, then strapped it to a full sized breadboard to add a couple of other things, and it si working good. I’m quite proud of myself after that, lol


In another couple of weeks I’ll put my gazebo up on my back deck. That gives me a nice shady spot outside in the fresh air to play around with my gizmos. I have a nice long table I setup that gives me lots of room for my laptop and other odds and ends.

Practice makes perfect. Having good tools doesn’t help either.